Sova OM270I 2K display

Advanced Russian 27’’ WQHD resolution display for corporate users


The Sova OM270I display with 27’’ 2K-display is focused on the needs of employees working with both standard office and specialized software with high demands on resolution, brightness and color rendering level.


  • Matte 27” WQHD IPS display
  • The screen covers 93% of the front panel area
  • High color rendering and wide viewing angle
  • Suitable for multi-monitor scenarios due to thin bezels
  • Reduces harmful blue light emissions due to the Low blue light eye technology
  • Optional adjustable stand with portrait mode support
  • Workplace Yastreb solution based on Voron or Bober PC and Sova displays


  • Size 27 inches (68.6cm)
  • 2K WQHD resolution (2560х1440)
  • IPS matrix
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Updating frequency up to 75Hz
  • Brightness 300cd/m2
  • Response time 5ms



High-quality image
High-quality image

Advanced IPS matrix with a wide viewing angle and low response time

Flexible connection
Flexible connection

Most common graphics ports available

Stylish design
Stylish design

Slim case with a bezel-less screen and functional metal leg

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