Desktop PC Bober Baikal

Universal Russian PC in a compact SFF case based on Baikal-M processor
ПК «Бобёр» Байкал


The Bober DC-BOb PC creates a modern workplace for specialists of various companies and departments with the most efficient use of space.


  • Domestic Baikal-M processor based on ARM architecture
  • PCIe 3.0x8 slot to connect low-profile graphics cards
  • Compact case with tool-free access to internal components
  • 80 PLUS energy efficient power supplies and UPS capability
  • Flexible configuration options for various user tasks
  • Workplace Yastreb based on Bober PC and Sova displays


  • Processor: Baikal-M (BE-M1000)
  • HDMI graphics port
  • 230W 80PLUS® integrated power supply *


Your data security


Compact case
Compact case
Efficient use of limited workspace
Flexible configuration for any task
Flexible configuration for any task
No set of standard configurations and restrictions on the order volume
Ease of connection
Ease of connection

The presence of a large number of ports for connecting a variety of peripheral devices

Broad OS compatibility

We are expanding the list of operating systems compatible with our computers.

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