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About us

Delta Computers is a developer and manufacturer of IT equipment, as well as proprietary software and firmware. The production site of Delta Computers unites server equipment and microcontroller software developers.

«Delta Computers incarnates the idea of ​​manufacturing domestic high-tech equipment in line with international standards.»
General Director
Chernyshev A.V.


People are the heart of our Company
A team of professionals united by the common goals of technological and innovative product development is the success formula of our Company.
Full immersion in the task
We gain an insight into the tasks and peculiar features of each customer to offer the most effective solution.
We guarantee high quality of our services and products. It is essential for us that the customers can continuously run their business using our technologies.
Striving to enable our customers to use state-of-the-art technologies, we are constantly working to advance our products.

Delta Computers is a member of the Open Compute Project (OCP) Consortium and develops products based on open standards in the Russian Federation.

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Partner Program

Objectives of the Partner Program

Delta Computers Partner Program is a cooperation program describing the basic principles of partner cooperation and the requirements for obtaining partner statuses and benefits for each of them.

The program is based on the principles of transparency, comprehensive support and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Development of long-term partner relations
Increasing the partners’ sales volumes
Improving the efficiency of interaction with end users

Benefits of participating in the program

Special conditions and privileges
Special conditions and privileges
Information product support
Information product support
Advanced training of specialists
Advanced training of specialists
Technical support of the project
Technical support of the project
Joint marketing activities
Joint marketing activities

Write to us

If you are interested in cooperation or you have any questions about the partner program - fill out the mandatory communication form and we will contact you.

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