Career in Delta Computers

Delta Computers is a successful and dynamic company. Our team will be happy to meet professionals in a wide range of fields.
Our team is active and ambitious aces. We can and we are ready to teach and develop the professional skills of young specialists who have just begun their career path. Our priorities are self-realization and results, being in trend and not missing a chance.

History of the company

Delta Computers is a Russian manufacturer of IT equipment, firmware and software. Our production site unites the developers of server hardware, client devices and microcontroller software.

Our mission is to create and develop leaders through our technological solutions, expertise and passion for innovation.

Our values

People are the heart of our Company
A team of professionals united by the common goals of technological and innovative product development is the success formula of our Company.
Full immersion in the task
We gain an insight into the tasks and peculiar features of each customer to offer the most effective solution.
We guarantee high quality of our services and products. It is essential for us that the customers can continuously run their business using our technologies.
Striving to enable our customers to use state-of-the-art technologies, we are constantly working to advance our products.
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