Yastreb Baikal AWS

Automated workstation based on Bober and Voron PC on Baikal-M processor and Sova displays
Автоматизированное рабочее место на базе процессора Байкал-М


A ready-made solution to create modern workplaces for employees of various companies and departments. The Voron DC-VOb and Bober DC-Bob computers are built on a domestic platform ensuring corporate data security. The workplace is completed with the Sova display based on the user needs.

Composition of Yastreb


  • Voron PC
  • Bober PC

Universal Russian PC in a classic Tower-case.

A spacious case and easy maintenance turn the Voron DC-VOb PC into an optimal component of an automated workplace for specialists in different fields.

Compact Russian PC in a SFF case.

The reliable and ergonomic Bober DC-BOb PC allows creating a modern workplace with the most efficient use of space.


Available in 3 screen diagonal sizes:

  • 23.8’’. A basic display to work with office software.
  • 27” inches. Universal displays to work with office and specialized software.
  • 31.5”. Advanced display to work with graphical applications.


Variety of PC and Display sizes
Variety of PC and Display sizes

Familiar TWR and SFF PC formats and a wide choice of display diagonals from 23.8 to 31.5’’

Ready-made solution for any task
Ready-made solution for any task

No set of standard configurations and restrictions on the order volume

Ease of connection
Ease of connection

The presence of a large number of ports for connecting a variety of peripheral devices

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