Delta BMC


Delta BMC firmware is designed for monitoring and remote administration of server hardware. The firmware is used to control hardware components independently of the host and the guest operating system.

Expanded capabilities

  • Obtaining information on the status of hardware components
  • Obtaining inventory information
  • Remote power management
  • Mounting external devices and images to the host
  • Network setting management
  • Viewing the user and system event logs
  • Configuring SNMP and SMTP notification delivery
  • IPMI 2.0 and Redfish API access support
  • Remote host access via KVM


Highly available hardware
Highly available hardware

Alerts on potential and actual system failures allow for quick resolution and prevention of problems, thus reducing the risk of downtime

Increased productivity
Increased productivity

Remote access to administration reduces the time spent on platform maintenance, thus improving the productivity of the IT department

Reduced costs
Reduced costs

The implementation of Delta BMC helps optimizing IT infrastructure costs due to the increased system reliability and reduced operating costs

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