Delta DCM

Hyperconverged solution for real-time management and monitoring of data center infrastructure
Delta DCM


The Delta DCM hyperconverged solution provides centralized monitoring and management of data center infrastructure through monitoring, analyzing, and configuring data center multi-layered units using intelligent configurable interfaces. The solution allows you to flexibly configure the logging of selected events and their notifications via different communication channels.
The supported devices range from various server equipment to peripheral climatic devices. The list is constantly expanding.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Management of devices at different layers, including servers, peripherals, network units, and virtual machines
  • Device auto-discovering and mapping
  • Implementation of emergency scenarios, including backups and auto-recovery
  • Inventory: monitoring of device warranty periods, status, and all modifications
  • Flexible list of monitored parameters for networks, server equipment, storages, virtual infrastructures, power systems, and climatic ecosystems
  • User-friendly, customizable visual displays on dashboards
  • Customizable notifications on selected events
  • Pre-configured logging of standard data center events
  • Support for various interfaces: Redfish, SEL, SNMP/trap, Windows event, VMware event, Audit log, etc.
  • Flexible management options: tags, rules, notifications, etc.
  • Real-time viewing and management


Single Interface
Single Interface
Inventory details across all data center equipment in a single interface available for downloading.
One-Click Management
One-Click Management
One-click bulk management of multi-layer equipment.
Flexible Configuration
Flexible Configuration
Graph plotting and notification settings based on both specific equipment metrics and the whole data center.

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