Delta Sprut

Delta Sprut is an expansion module connecting additional PCI Express devices to computation nodes.


Delta Sprut allows installing new-generation PCIe and GPU adapters and provides direct PCIe connectivity to maximize performance. The expansion module provides a wide range of graphics resource scaling options for companies engaged in machine learning, simulation, and building 3D VDI infrastructure.

Delta Sprut spotlight video


  • Four PCIe x16 slots for additional cards
  • Installability of up to four HHHL or two FHFLs
  • Up to two hosts via PCIe 4.0
  • Monitoring and control in the Delta BMC system
  • 2OU form factor
2х 350W

Lt4st video card support

PCIe 4.0

Supported interface



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The modular architecture and high level of solution flexibility makes the Delta Sprut module an ideal device for scaling the capabilities of AI models


Maximizing the performance of HPC clusters with the universal Delta Sprut solution, which opens up new parallel computing possibilities for users


Building virtual workstations for heavy graphics applications based on Delta Sprut solutions


Cascade connection
Cascade connection
Connectivity of multiple modules into a single computing complex with up to 16x GPUs per server
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance
The modular design simplifies access to all its components. No tools needed to maintain
Expandability of the disk subsystem based on Delta Argut up to 120x NVMe U.2


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