Delta Argut


Delta Argut is a specialized storage providing reliable storage and high-speed transfer of large amounts of information in software-defined storage systems.


  • Up to 30 hot-swappable NVMe drives
  • PCIe connection interface for increased bandwidth
  • Up to 4 hosts with flexible zoning
  • Compliant with OCP open international standard
  • Delta BMC monitoring and control
  • 2OU form factor
to 460.8TB

Total storage capacity up

to 78GB/s

Throughput up



High-speed data transfer
High-speed data transfer
NVMe SSDs enable high speeds with minimal data transfer delays.
“Hot Swap”
“Hot Swap”
The Delta Argut design enables hot-swappable NVMe solid state drives, providing for hot-swap replacement or installation of additional drives, thus minimizing system downtimes.
Proprietary monitoring system
Proprietary monitoring system
Monitored and managed by Delta BMC and Delta DCM


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